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Airpac Rentals is the energy industry division of rental specialist Vp plc, specialising in compressed air and steam generation. 

Airpac Rentals provides an expansive range of air compressors, steam generators, steam heat exchangers, nitrogen production units, sand filters, coflexip hoses and air treatment ancillaries. Each of our service offerings can be tailored to suit virtually any application.

Having originally been set up to support North Sea offshore operations in the mid-1970s, we have nearly 50 years of experience serving the energy industry. Airpac Rentals has since developed a network of international distribution and service facilities, with rental offices located in the United Kingdom (Aberdeen & Great Yarmouth), Singapore and Australia (Perth).

Our ongoing commitment to the training and development of our employees allows us to continue to meet your needs in an evolving market environment. Airpac Rentals is committed to continued growth by delivering high levels of equipment reliability, service excellence and competitive pricing. We strive to continually add value to our customer relationships.

Clients range from leading operators and offshore maintenance contractors to major well service providers, specialist oilfield contractors, LNG plant fabricators and EPC companies. Airpac Rentals offers services to both the onshore and offshore energy markets globally.