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We recognise the importance of attracting talented people to our business. Our recruitment processes are rigourous and competency based. Our aim is to recruit the best people for each role.

It is therefore vital that we treat employees with respect, and ensure that proper account is taken of any issues or concerns they may have. Our employment practices, which are summarised below, take this into account.

The Group is an equal opportunity employer and therefore is committed to providing the same level of opportunity to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, sex, disability or sexual orientation.
Our policies and procedures are reviewed regularly, and our line managers are kept up to date with changes to employment legislation. Our policies are applied fairly and consistently with the aim of making the Group an employer of choice, which maintains a good relationship with its employees and encourages them to balance work requirements with family and social needs.

Retaining talented people is vital to our continued success.  As part of our retention strategy, we have an extensive training programme that commences with a detailed induction process, and moves on to cover all the technical skills that our employees require to carry out their roles. Management development programmes are run for all individuals new to management roles, and we actively encourage and sponsor individuals to develop themselves through further education programmes. Throughout this process we try to ensure that our people fulfil their potential to the benefit of both the individual and the Group.

The Group has an established whistleblowing policy and employees are free to voice concerns on a confidential basis through the Human Resources Director, to ultimately the Chairman, or the non-executive directors, if appropriate.