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Gas Transfer

Airpac Rentals Booster Compressors have been successfully utilised on long term gas transfer campaigns throughout Europe on behalf of leading oilfield service companies.

Gas Transfer

Airpac Rentals' Booster Compressor fleet has been used for gas pumping operations at sites in Imola, Sicily and San Marino.

Located at domestic gas works throughout Italy, Spain, France and Austria, the gas transfer process allowed for repair and maintenance on the gas pipelines.

The transfer process begins by decommissioning the first gas pipe by pumping the gas through the Booster Compressor and down to an empty gas line, where it is stored to enable the isolated gas line to be maintained.

Modifications were carried out to the Booster Compressors to satisfy the gas site safety requirements. The modifications included the installation of a gas detection system, conversion to air start as well as the addition of anti-static blades and belts.