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Maintenance & Decommissioning

Airpac Rentals Oilfield Services are principal providers of compressed air and steam services to operators and all major maintenance contractors. Our equipment can also be utilised to assist in Decommissioning activities.

Maintenance & Decommissioning

Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Airpac Rentals have experience with major maintenance projects involving tank and pipework cleaning, leak testing and any application requiring high and low pressure air compressors, booster compressors, desiccant dryers and steam generators. Our diverse range of equipment perfectly covers all such requirements with compressed air available from 70 cfm – 2100 cfm (100 psi – 508 psi) and steam generators from 1.4MMbtu – 6.2MMbtu in Rigsafe specification and 6.2MMbtu Zone II DNV 2.7-2.

Fabric Maintenance

Leading offshore fabric maintenance contractors successfully utilise Airpac Rentals’s large rental fleet of Zone II and Rigsafe Air Compressors for work such as surface preparation, painting applications, grit blasting and tooling – supported by a large fleet of complementary desiccant dryers, air receivers, air manifolds and hoses. 

Operators utilise our air compressors as temporary replacements to augment, or backup, their own compressed air facilities. Air compressors can be used to provide plant air when the platform air supply is being repaired, maintained or replaced. This can be whilst the permanently installed equipment is out of action or as a long term contingency.

Our large fleet of Zone II air compressors are fitted with a range of safety features including CO gas detection, are certified for open deck hazardous areas and unmanned operation and are suitable for offshore rig maintenance and operations applications.


Airpac Rentals’s range of low and high pressure air compressors, (100 – 508 psi) including booster compressors (up to 5,000 psi) can be used in support of well head decommissioning projects. 

Air compressors providing up to 2100 cfm of compressed air each and can be utilised to replace a failing system during the platform’s later life or when the plant air compressors have been disabled or removed prior to decommissioning.

The fleet of steam generators and steam heat exchangers can be utilised in tank cleaning or de-scaling operations such as the removal of solidified heavy fuel oil, drilling mud and fluids or chemical cleaning prior to decommissioning.