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Pipeline & Process Services

Airpac Rentals Oilfield Services supply and operate equipment spreads for use on a range of applications in pipeline projects.

Gas Transfer

Dewatering & Drying

In the commissioning phases of pipelines, operators require high pressure air equipment to dewater and dry new pipelines from the offshore installation to shore or within the field, prior to the introduction of product. 

Equipment spreads can comprise of booster compressors fed by high pressure primary air compressors which will be used to for pigging the pipeline. Desiccant dryers are often used if dry air is required, or in conjunction with nitrogen membranes if the pipeline should need to be dried or pressure tested with inert gas. 

Airpac Rentals has provided equipment spreads and operator personnel for a range of pipeline dewatering and drying projects in many countries. These include Africa (Bonga), Middle East (Burullus), South East Asia (West Seno), Australia (Bayu Undan, Blacktip, Pluto, Gorgon, Wheatstone and Inpex) and the North Sea (Clair, Britannia Satellites), to name just a few.


Airpac Rentals also offers the largest fleet of Rigsafe and Zone II steam generators including a fleet of low weight, small footprint 1.4 mmbtu steam generators, ideally suited for pipeline descaling applications and cleaning applications. 

Steam generators supply high volumes of continuous steam which can be used to heat the chemicals used to descale the deluge and fire water systems on offshore installations or the pipework in oil refineries, power and petrochemical plants. This process can also be used in the liquefaction of the solidified residual heavy fuel oils found in many oil stargaze tanks being prepared for cleaning, repair or decommissioning.

Airpac Rentals's 1.4 MMbtu steam boilers are ideal for projects where there are weight restrictions and space is at a premium. The units include internal fuel and water tanks and have methane/propane as well as H₂S gas detection systems fitted as standard. 

Product Transfer

Airpac Rentals booster compressors and trained operators are hired by specialist contractors for transferring product from one pipeline to another to allow for repairs and maintenance.

Booster compressors are also used to facilitate the transfer of residual product, generally gas, from one pipeline system to another to enable maintenance to be carried out on the empty pipeline.

Modifications have been carried out to Airpac rentals booster compressors to satisfy gas site safety requirements. These modifications include the installation of a gas detection system, conversion to air start as well as anti-static blades and belts amongst other modifications. 

Cuttings Transportation

Airpac Rentals supply and operate compressed air equipment spreads for cuttings transportation. Compressed air is used to pneumatically move drill cuttings which are contaminated with oil based mud along enclosed systems and into silos for transportation to shore. Airpac Rentals has invested heavily in compressed air spreads to support cuttings transportation and containment operations. We have successfully supplied and operated equipment spreads for operations in the North Sea and internationally for leading companies supplying cuttings transport and containment services.