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Renewable Energy

Airpac Rentals provides a wide range of air compression equipment suitable for use on various projects within the renewable energy sector.


Geothermal Drilling

High pressure equipment spreads comprising air compressors, booster compressors, air receivers and air hoses are used to support air-hammer drilling of geothermal wells in hard rock areas.

Airpac Rentals supply a range of high pressure air compressors offering pressures up to 35 bar (508 psi). The range of rigsafe (safe area) and Zone II booster compressors offer pressure capabilities up to 345 bar (5000 psi) and volumes to 107.6m³/min (3800 cfm). All Airpac Rentals high pressure equipment has been built for the demanding conditions faced during drilling projects.

Airpac Rentals equipment can also be utilised for the production testing of geothermal wells, whether they have been drilled conventionally or with an air or water hammer.


Subsea Marine Life Protection

Airpac Rentals air compressors along with air filtration equipment has been utilised to create a bubble blanket which reduces sound and deters wildlife from equipment and vessels. This process can be used for multiple underwater applications including in the installation of offshore wind farms and can also be referred to as an 'Air Curtain'. Airpac Rentals can supply air compressors with air flows up to 2100 cfm and pressures up to 508 psi, which can be coupled with our oil-filtration systems to produce technically oil free air (as low as 0.003mgs/m3 residual oil content at 20°C).


Electric Compressors

Airpac Rentals supply a range of low-emission electric air compressors, providing air flows from 16 cfm to 900 cfm with pressures up to 157 psi. The electric driven equipment is suitable for use in both onshore and offshore environments, helping reduce the carbon footprint incurred during energy applications.  

Airpac Rentals works closely with customers to ensure that we supply equipment that is suitable for your application. If you require equipment that runs on alternative fuels or have a project that requires a bespoke solution, get in touch with our team to see how we can help.