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Rental Services

Airpac Rentals offers an extensive range of Zone II and Rigsafe/Safe Area rental equipment:


Air Compressors - Rigsafe / Safe Area
Booster Compressors
Steam Generators
Steam Heat Exchangers
Sand Filtration
Air Treatment Ancillaries
Coflexip Hoses
Niche Solutions

Our fleet covers a broad range of specifications, ensuring there is a solution for virtually every energy application, both onshore and offshore. Airpac Rentals has a full range of Zone II and Rigsafe / Safe Area Air Compressors available for hire, along with Steam Generators, capable of producing up to 6.2 MMbtu. 

In addition to compressed air and steam generation products, we also offer an extensive rental fleet of dual pot Sand Filtration Units, Heat Exchangers and Coflexip hoses to support deep-water surface well test and clean-up operations. 

Complementing the range of compressed air and steam generation equipment, a wide range of multi-pressure Air Treatment Ancillaries are available.

Our service offerings also include the support of our highly skilled and experienced mechanic operators, available globally to maintain and operate our range of equipment whilst on hire. 

Airpac Rentals now offers Rig Cooling services through our alliance partner OPTIMA.

Innovation is key to our future as we strive to meet the ever-changing demands of our industry. We have recently launched several new products and have a number currently in development.