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Air Compressors

Airpac Rentals provides rental of Zone II and Rigsafe / Safe Area Air Compressors in a wide range of air flow and pressure ratings, suitable for onshore and offshore energy applications.

The Zone II range, for use in hazardous areas, is available for rental in four models and offers volumes of 11.3 m³/min (400 cfm), 21.2m³/min (750 cfm), 28.3m³ (1000 cfm) and 45.3 m³/min (1600 cfm). 

The extensive Rigsafe low-pressure compressor fleet, ideal for use in safe areas, produces volumes of 70 cfm through to 2100 cfm and pressure variants from 7 bar (100 psi) to 14 bar (200 psi).

The modern range of high-pressure compressors produce volumes of 26m³/min (950 cfm) through to 43.9m³/min (1550 cfm) with a working pressure of up 35 bar (508 psi). 

Airpac Rentals compressed air units are available skid mounted, wheeled, framed or DNV containerised, ensuring there is equipment suitable for any application.