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Oil-Free Solutions

Airpac Rentals has successfully provided technically oil-free air solutions for LNG and Pipeline projects around the world.

Atmospheric air in industrial environments can contain many contaminants and typically contains between 0.05mg/m³ and 0.5mg/m³ of oil vapour. Although oil-free air compressors do not add any oil during the compression process they can induct atmospheric oil vapour and compress it which will flow into the compressed air system. Therefore, the use of oil-free air compressors does not guarantee oil-free air, the only reliable way to achieve oil-free air is through filtration.

Airpac Rentals can offer coalescing filtration options that will remove liquid water and oil contamination down to 0.01mg/m³ through a dual filter or to oil content of 0.003mg/m³ using our triple filter option which includes activated carbon element to remove any oil vapour.

If low dewpoint air is a project requirement Airpac Rentals provide a range of heatless desiccant dryers which are sized to meet the air compressor fleet.

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