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1800 psi Rigsafe / Safe Area Booster Compressor

  • Choke for total compressed medium control
  • Reduced vibration through the incorporation of additional flywheel and pulsation dampers
  • Auto lubrication to both engine and compressor ensuring continuous operation
  • Highly skilled operators to ensure optimum performance and safety throughout rental period

  • Multiple output connections
  • Delivered air oil filtration
  • Interstage drying dewpoint -40°C

Airpac Rentals’s range of  Rigsafe / Safe Area  WB12 Joy Booster Compressors are constructed to safely compress Air, Natural Gas or Nitrogen and can be operated in either a single or double stage configuration. 

This unit provides a maximum delivered pressure of 1800 psi through double stage configuration.

Single Staging

  • Delivered Pressure: 48 bar (700 psi) 
  • Delivered Flow: 107.6m³/min (3800 cfm)

Double Staging

  • Delivered Pressure: 124 bar (1800 psi)
  • Delivered Flow: 68.49m³/min (2400 cfm)

The units are fitted with pneumatic start, stainless steel spark arrestors and overspeed protection. 

An Emergency Shutdown System is fitted, enabling instant shutdown from the drill floor in the event of gas detection or similar hazards. The unit is constructed in a four point lifting frame, designed to meet the rigours of high pressure applications.

To see the full technical specification for this product please download the pdf datasheet.