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1800 cfm (435 psi) Multi Pressure Desiccant Dryer


Mounted in a certified lifting frame for transport and protection, Airpac Rentals’s range of high pressure desiccant dryers are a complete package, incorporating:

  • A twin tower heatless adsorbent dryer unit
  • Integral aftercooler with condensate separator and auto drain
  • Two stage oil removal filtration with auto drains and final dust filter
  • Back pressure maintaining valve

Airpac Rentals's SD 150 HP Multi Pressure Desiccant Dryer provides three volume and pressure variants:

  • 53.8m³/min (1900 cfm) at 28 - 30 bar (406 - 435 psi)
  • 50.9m³/min (1800 cfm) at 24 - 26 bar (348 - 377 psi)
  • 33.9m³/min (1200 cfm) at 7 - 10 bar (101 - 145 psi)

To see the weights and dimensions for this product please download the pdf datasheet. Contact your local Airpac Rentals office for full product specification as details may vary by region.