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250 cfm (125 psi) Rigsafe / Safe Area Mobile Air Compressor

  • Delivered air quality is to ISO 8573.1- Class 2.4 standards
  • Electric emergency stop
  • Chalwyn overspeed device
  • Spark arrestors
  • Armour braided fuel lines
  • Fuel shut off tap
  • Battery isolator
  • External piped fuel supply

  • Experienced offshore engineering personnel offering machine service re-fuelling and multiple installation assistance
  • Pressure reducing and non return valves
  • Pressure maintaining valve

Airpac Rentals's 250 cfm Air Compressor was manufactured by Atlas Copco. The unit produces flow of up to 7.1m³/min (250 cfm) and delivered pressure of up to 8 bar (125 psi).

The battery start unit provides delivered air quality is to ISO 8573.1- Class 2.4 standard and comes complete with aftercooler.

The 250 cfm Atlas Copco Air Compressor is a wheeled unit making it highly mobile.

To see the full technical specification for this product, please download the pdf datasheet.