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530 cfm (157 psi) Rigsafe / Safe Area Electric Air Compressor

  • Oil injected rotary screw compressor
  • DNV 2.7-3 lifting cage
  • Electric emergency stop
  • Power isolator
  • Power supply 415V/3ph/50hz
  • Internal aftercooler

  • Experienced personnel providing a complete operational package including hook-up & commissioning, servicing, re-fuelling and multiple installation assistance
  • Pressure reducing and non return valves
  • Pressure maintaining valve

Airpac Rentals’s 530 cfm electric Air Compressor produces volumes of up to 15m³/min (530 cfm).The unit has a pressure rating of up to 10.8 bar (157 psi), with discharge air temperature controlled through an integral aftercooler.

The Atlas Copco manufactured GA90 oil injected rotary screw compressor is a 415V / 3ph / 50hz electrically driven unit.

The compressor can be utilised as a standalone unit or data-linked with multiple compressors to meet increased air demand. The master unit will respond by taking the other compressors online until the maximum air requirement is met. 

The unit’s energy saving technology closely follows air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed, this results in an average of 35% energy saved during fluctuations in production. 

The air compressor is mounted in a DNV 2.7-3 certified lifting frame providing caged protection.

To see the full technical specification for this product, please download the pdf datasheet.