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All Weather Air and Steam Packages

  • Fully winterised equipment allows well test operations to continue, even in freezing conditions
  • Air compressors are covered with fitted insulated tarpaulins
  • Steam generator walls, ceiling and floor are covered with insulation material

Outside Conditions

  • Air -15°C Wind 50 Km/H

Inside Temperatures BEFORE winterisation

  • Air 10°C Pipes -5/-10°C

Inside Temperatures AFTER winterisation

  • Air 35°C Pipes 20/25°C

Airpac Rentals’s all weather Air Compressors are covered with fitted insulated tarpaulins that not only maintain a stable operating temperature, but also act as protection against harsh elements and even allow operation in freezing conditions. 

For our all weather Steam Generators, a special weather / sand proof air intake has been installed into the door of the unit to minimize the effect of cold air or sand blowing into the container while the burner air turbine is running. The internal walls, ceiling and floor of the Steam Generator are covered with 32mm KFlex insulation material to maintain a stable operating environment.