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Horizontal Air Receivers

  • Volumes from 3ft³ (85 litres) to 25m³ (25,000 litres)
  • Pressures range from 8.8 bar (127.5 psi) to 25.2 bar (365 psi)
  • Well suited to maintenance, LNG and pipeline applications

  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Experienced personnel providing a complete operational package including: hook-up & commissioning, servicing, re-fuelling and multiple installation assistance

Airpac Rentals’s range of horizontal air receivers are capable of storing from 3ft³ (85 litres) to 25m³ (25,000 litres) of compressed air. Pressures range from 8.8 bar (127.5 psi) to 25.2 bar (365 psi).

The air receivers can be used to supply air tools for general maintenance and large volume storage requirements, typically for blowing applications on and offshore.

The smaller units are mounted in a certified lifting frame for ease of  transportation and protection on site.

All Airpac Rentals air receivers are equipped with calibrated safety valves and gauges.

Alternative inlet and outlet connections can be fitted to suit your application. Please contact your local Airpac Rentals representative to discuss the options.