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Sand Filters - 10,000 psi - 15,000 psi

  • Modular and rugged filter design
  • Standard 200 micron filter cartridge supplied
  • Annular flow and sand storage
  • Safe & quick cleaning features
  • Vertically positioned gate valves (to avoid gate obstruction)
  • Fitted with back up valves
  • No post-frac clean up required, production starts immediately through the facilities
  • Diaphragm pump to facilitate flushing of the filter elements

  • A range of micron screen sizes are available on request.
  • Can be supplied with a Sand Collection Box for collection of the
    waste solids

Airpac Rentals’s rental fleet of 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi dual pot sand filters improve well analysis during testing operations through the effective removal of sand and other solids from the well effluent. Wellhead sand filtration is established as an industry standard technique for sand and solids removal.

The two filtration pods are controlled individually allowing for either single or dual pot operation. Normally, one vessel is in use, in order to facilitate cleaning of the other.

The unit is skid mounted in a DNV 2.7-1 frame and complete with inlet and outlet manifolding, double gate valves on the downstream side and connections to register differential pressure across filters. The units are ideal for use in both onshore and offshore enthronements.

Each sand filter is supplied with an extensive spares package and fully equipped tool box, we also provide rental of Sand Collection Boxes (Sand Skips) if required. 

To see the full product specification for our sand filter units, please download the pdf datasheet.