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Heat Exchangers - 10,000 psi - 15,000 psi

Features & Benefits
  • Improves separation of oil/water emulsions and foaming oils by reducing surface tension through heat transfer
  • Prevents formation of hydrates
  • Reduces viscosity of oil to improve burner efficiency
  • Equipped with toolbox and spares

Airpac Rentals’s Heat Exchangers, which are used to heat the well production, consist of a pressurised shell containing a set of process coils. Steam is piped from an external Steam Generator into the shell to heat the variety of hydrocarbons, fluids or chemicals flowing through the process coils in order to lower their viscosity.

Airpac Rentals’s range of portable skid mounted 10,000 psi (conventional 3” ID or high rate 4” ID) and 15,000 psi heat exchangers are primarily used to complete the package of heat transfer during surface well test operations as well as extensive use in pipelines, storage tanks, oil bunkers and refineries during operations, maintenance, cleaning and decommissioning projects

Airpac Rentals’s latest steam heat exchangers are fitted with two PRV safety valves which replace 1 safety valve and rupture disk assembly, please contact your local Airpac Rentals representative for further guidance. 

For further information on our steam heat exchangers, including weights and dimensions, please download the pdf datasheet.